Directions from Meidaimae Station

After exiting Meidaimae station, walk towards the
underpass on your left.

2. 左手にピタットハウスのある通りを真っ直ぐ進みます。
Walk along the road where there is a sign
“ピタットハウス” on your left.

3. 右手にまいばすけっとが見えるのでその先を右に曲がります。
When you see a convenient store “My Basket”
on the right corner, turn right.

Keep walking, and go past the house on the right with a big statue from the classic movie “Planet of the Apes”.

5. そのまま真っ直ぐ進んでいくと左手に床屋さんがあるので
If you keep walking straight, you will see a
barber shop on the left corner. Turn left.

6. 真っ直ぐ進んでいくと右前に白い2階建ての家があります。そこがDC English Schoolです。
Keep on walking straight, and you will see a white house with 2 stories on your right.
This is DC English School. However, this is the back, so you must walk around to the front door.

7. 日本学園中学校の看板が見えたら、右に曲がります。
When you see a sign “Nihon-Gakuen Junior High School”, turn right.

8. こちらがDC English Schoolの正面写真になります。
This is how DC English School looks from the front.