MBA Interview Training

Enhance your ability to perform effectively in MBA interviews

All of my sessions include a mock interview and feedback on areas including:
1) The main ideas are clear and are consistent with content in the resume and essays
2) Examples support your main ideas and expand on content in the resume and essays
3) Logical arrangement with smooth transitions between the start, main content and closing
4) Delivery with confidence using appropriate volume, pacing and answer length


Reservation & Schedule:

You can reserve slots at the following link:

For Skype lessons, please add me to your contact list: ID = thompeace

For F2F sessions, here are directions to my location at: Cosmo Palais 2-17-13 Matsubara Setagaya Tokyo

To begin your interview preparations, please consider answers to the following questions:

1. Could you tell me about yourself, and why you are applying to our program?
2. How has your academic background helped your professional career?
3. Could you describe your current company & job in more detail?
4. What are your future goals, and how can our school help you achieve them?
5. What are your strengths, and how will you contribute them to lectures, group work and extra curricular activities?
6. What are your weaknesses, and how can our curriculum, group work and community help you improve them?
7. Why are you applying to our program, and how did you learn about us?
8. Do you have any questions and closing remarks?

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—  Q & A  —

How many interview training sessions should I take to prepare for my first interview?
If there is enough time, candidates generally take at least 3 sessions before their first interview with the following schedule:

Session 1: Preparation Questions with general feedback and advice on strategies
Session 2: Standard Questions with general feedback and reinforcement of strategies
Session 3: Additional Questions with focused feedback

Additional sessions are useful to build confidence, brush up skills before interviews with more schools
and practice for presentations or other expanded requirements.

How can I prepare for your sessions for essay editing?
I recommend creating draft documents and interview answers as close to the final version as possible.
The more prepared you are, the sooner we can work on more detailed and strategic content.

Essay editing includes:
Proofreading for spelling, grammar and word usage
Feedback on content
brainstorming sessions
e-mail support

Estimated amount of work we can cover in each session.

500 words per session = 50 mins. (brainstorming, techniques and idea sharing)
750 words per session = 50 mins. (editing, word usage and content feedback)
1000 words per session = 50 mins. (proofreading)

What is the most common advice or feedback do you give to improve interviews?
I recommend ending answers in a clear and confident manner.
Often candidates will stop their answer in the body section and leave out a persuasive closing argument
to achieve the desired result: Acceptance into the MBA program.

Which Business schools have your previous clients been accepted to?
My previous clients have been accepted into the following schools:

US Schools

Babson College (Olin)
Carnegie Mellon (Tepper)
Chicago (Booth)
Claremont (Drucker)
Columbia University
Cornell University (Johnson)
Dartmouth (Tuck)
Duke (Fuqua)
Emory (Goizueta)
Georgetown (McDonough)
Indiana (Kelley)
Maryland (Smith)
Michigan (Ross)
Michigan Global MBA
MIT Sloan School of Management
New York (Stern)
Northwestern (Kellogg)
North Carolina (Kenan-Flagler)
Ohio State (Fisher)
Pennsylvania (Wharton)
Purdue (Krannert)
Rochester (Simon)
Southern California (Marshall)
UCLA (Anderson)
UC Berkeley (Haas)
Texas, Austin (McCombs)
Virginia (Darden)
Washington (Foster)
Vanderbilt (Owen)
Washington (Olin)
Yale School of Management

European Schools

London Business School
Rotterdam School of Management
Cambridge (Judge)
Oxford (Saïd)

Asian/Australian Schools

Beijing International MBA (BiMBA)
Macquarie (Austrialia)
Nanyang Business School (Singapore)
NUS Business School (Singapore)